Why Select Defender Barrier?

Defender Barrier Temporary Steel Barrier

Why Defender?

Defender Barrier temporary steel barrier was envisioned at the outset from the perspective of providing our contractor and rental company partners a barrier that provided them value, versatility and foresight for the future.

Value & Versatility

Temporary Steel Barriers are a 20-year asset for contractors and hire companies.  While the market can forecast its barrier needs over the coming 2-3 years with good accuracy, no one can foresee what type of projects and temporary barrier requirements will be in 10 or even 20 years.

Defender Barrier is designed to be used in high speed freeway and expressway projects all the way down to urban inner-city roads, utilizing the same temporary barrier asset.

Defender Barrier achieves Value and Versatility through 2 key design ideas.  First, the 3.9m length with the patent pending, quick connecting E-Joint, and second the ability to add or remove ballast.  The addition or removal of ballast increases the types of projects that Defender Barrier can be deployed on.

Defender Barrier’s 3.9m length is a key strength in the crash performance of the Barrier.  The 3.9m length while limiting deflection allows the more frequent joints and the internal drain and lifting plate structure to work in unison to keep the barrier more vertically upright during impact.  This reduces barrier roll and potential for work zone intrusion.  As an example, if your jurisdiction uses screens on top of the barrier, barrier roll and vehicle lean can create a significant hazard when interacting with that screen.

On site installation performance of the Defender Barrier during installations has shown that the 3.9m length can be deployed at 200-300 meters per hour.


Defender Barrier Temporary Steel Barrier is tested to the MASH16 and AS/NZS3845:2015.1 standard(s) and includes transition testing to selected end terminals and crash cushions.  MASH 16 will not become fully mandatory for Temporary Barriers until 2020 at the earliest.  FHWA GuidanceAustroads Guidance.  MASH16 testing and transition testing gives contractors assurance that the 20-year asset life, will be able to be used for the 20 years.

Defender Barrier is approved throughout Australia & New Zealand and has FHWA Funding Eligibility with state & provincial approvals across the US and Canada ongoing.

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