Why Defender Barrier

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Why Choose Defender Barrier?  An Innovative Approach to Temporary Steel Barriers

At the heart of Defender Barrier’s conception was a commitment to deliver unparalleled value and versatility to our contractor and rental company partners.  Understanding the evolving needs of infrastructure projects, we’ve developed a temporary barrier solution that not only meets today’s demands but anticipates the future’s unpredictable requirements.

Value and Versatility: The Core of Defender Barrier

Temporary steel barriers represent a significant, long-term investment for contractors and rental companies, spanning well over 20 years.  While current market trends allow for a reliable forecast of temporary barrier needs in the short term (2-3 years), predicting the landscape of construction projects and temporary barrier necessities decades ahead is far more challenging.

This is where Defender Barrier stands out.  Engineered for adaptability, it’s suitable for a wide array of projects—from high-speed freeway and expressway projects to urban and inner-city roadworks—without compromising on safety or efficiency.

The essence of Defender Barrier’s value and versatility lies in two design features:

  1. Quick Connecting E-Joint: Each barrier segment is 3.9 meters long, designed for swift, secure connections, reducing installation time.
  2. Ballast System: The optional integrated ballast system allows the Defender to deploy without the need for anchoring, providing versatility in urban and inner-city roadwork applications.  Replacing plastic water filled barriers.

The 3.9-meter (13′) barrier segments play a significant role in optimizing crash performance.  This design choice minimizes deflection and maintains vertical integrity upon impact, significantly reducing the risk of barrier roll and enhancing safety for both workers and drivers.  It’s especially beneficial in environments where barriers are fitted with screens, mitigating the hazards associated with barrier roll and vehicle lean.

Efficiency on Site

Real-world applications have demonstrated that the Defender Barrier can be deployed at a rate of 200-300 meters (650′-950′) per hour.  This efficiency doesn’t just translate to cost savings; it means projects can progress faster.

Foresight for the Future

Compliance and future-readiness are at the forefront of Defender Barrier’s design philosophy.  Thoroughly tested to meet the rigorous MASH16 and AS/NZS3845:2015.1 standards, including transition testing for selected end terminals and crash cushions, Defender Barrier is ahead of the curve.  With MASH 16 now mandatory in most jurisdictions, our product ensures a seamless transition, offering a secure investment that aligns with regulatory requirements.

Defender Barrier has achieved approval across Australia and New Zealand and is recognized for FHWA Funding Eligibility.  With several state and provincial approvals in the US and Canada achieved and many more underway, it represents a globally trusted solution.

Continuous Innovation: Introducing RoadLoc Anchors for Minimal Deflection

In our pursuit to enhance construction site safety and barrier performance, Safe Barriers has taken a significant step forward by conducting additional compliance testing with the innovative RoadLoc removable and reusable anchors.  This groundbreaking technology has been proven to achieve deflections as low as 5” (127mm).

This advancement is a testament to Safe Barriers’ commitment to innovation and its proactive approach to addressing the dynamic needs of the construction safety market.  By integrating RoadLoc removable and reusable anchors, Defender Barrier not only excels in its primary function of protection, it also lowers operational costs while achieving very low barrier deflection.


Enhancing Flexibility: The Introduction of the 5-Degree Defender Wedge

A pivotal innovation in our product line is the introduction of the 5-degree Defender Wedge, further testament to Safe Barriers’ commitment to providing versatile and efficient solutions for construction site safety.  This addition allows for seamless and effective turning of the Defender Barrier, eliminating the need for multiple different angle pieces.  With the capability to combine wedges for turns requiring a higher degree turn, the 5-degree Defender Wedge offers unmatched flexibility in barrier configuration.

Enhancing Flexibility: Introducing the Defender Male/Male – Female/Female Gate Opening System

Continuing our tradition of innovation, we developed the Defender Male/Male – Female/Female gate opening system—a straightforward, cost-effective solution designed to create customizable length breaks in the barrier deployment, as needed. This system exemplifies simplicity and efficiency, enabling quick and easy access points anywhere along the barrier run.

Here’s how it works: to create an opening, simply remove the Male/Male section and as many upstream barriers needed to create the length opening you require.  When it’s time to close the opening, just reinstall the barriers and reconnect them using the Male/Male section.  This level of adaptability ensures that worksites can maintain robust positive protection while affording the ability to access the site if or when required.

This gate opening system is not only user-friendly but also economically friendly, eliminating the need for additional costly components or complex modifications as required with most barrier systems.  With this addition, Safe Barriers once again demonstrates an understanding of the day-to-day operations on construction sites, providing practical solutions that cater to the dynamic nature of work zones.

Discover the Latest in Construction Safety Solutions

Learn more about the Defender Barrier’s new features, including the 5-degree Defender Wedge and RoadLoc removable and reusable anchors, and how they can elevate safety and efficiency on your projects. Contact us to discuss these innovations and other ways Safe Barriers is redefining construction safety standards.