Safe Barriers – RSG International Partnership

Safe Barriers Announces Partnership with RSG International

Safe Barriers is pleased to announce a new partnership with RSG International—a leading road safety company in North America. Through this partnership, RSG will now provide both sales and rental services across Canada for our Defender Barrier product line.  This exciting collaboration allows us to expand our reach and provide additional support to traffic engineers and other road safety professionals in Canada.

The Benefits of the Partnership

The Defender Barrier is an innovative product that provides superior crash protection while being lightweight and easy to install. With its flexible design, it can be configured quickly and easily to fit any site requirement. Its modular design also makes it easier and more efficient for traffic engineers to deploy the barrier when and where it is needed most.  The addition of RSG International as a partner further strengthens our commitment to providing best-in-class service and support for our customers throughout Canada.

RSG International has a long history of providing high-quality products to Canadian traffic engineers, municipalities, contractors, and other road safety professionals. As such, they are well-equipped to handle the sales, rentals, installation, maintenance, and repair, of the Defender Barrier product line across Canada. They have established relationships with key stakeholders in the region which allows them to ensure that customers receive top notch customer service at all times. Furthermore, their vast network of resources ensures that they can provide timely delivery of products whenever they are needed.

Another benefit of partnering with RSG International is that we will now have access to their research capabilities as well as their expertise in traffic engineering solutions. This will enable us to better understand how our products are used by traffic engineers in different contexts throughout Canada; allowing us to develop better solutions for common road safety challenges faced by traffic engineers in Canadian cities today.

We are thrilled about our new partnership with RSG International! We believe that through this collaboration we will be able to continue delivering quality products along with outstanding customer service throughout Canada into the future. We look forward to working together with RSG International on creating solutions for modern day road safety challenges faced by traffic engineers in Canada today!

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