The Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH16) standard includes crash testing guidelines for various types of highway safety equipment, such as barriers, end terminals, sign supports and traffic control devices.  These regulations encompass crash-testing standards for both permanent and temporary highway safety features.  The guidelines also recommend evaluation criteria for test results for all types of devices covered by the standard.

The purpose of the MASH16 standard is to provide uniform guidelines for conducting crash testing on both permanent and temporary highway safety features.  The standard offers evaluation criteria to assess the results of these tests, as well as recommendations for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of highway safety features.  By updating and replacing the NCHRP Report 350, this manual is intended for use by highway design engineers, bridge engineers, safety engineers, researchers, hardware developers, crash test laboratories, and others involved in the implementation and improvement of safety features within the highway environment.

Significant Changes between NCHRP350 and MASH16

Small Car Test Vehicle820C vehicle (1,800lbs)1100C vehicle (2,420lbs)
Small Car Impact Angle20o25o
Light Truck Test Vehicle2000P vehicle (4,400lbs)2270P vehicle (5,000lbs)
Cable BarriersNo differenceSpecific Install Length, and Slope Testing requirements

For More Information on policy implementation:

FHWA Roadside Hardware Policy Memoranda and Guidance

Safe Barriers is committed to designing, testing and manufacturing products that meet the MASH16 standards.

Safe Barriers MASH Tested and Eligible Products

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Safe Barriers MASH Tested Products

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