National Workzone Awareness Week

National Workzone Awareness Week, of great importance to our industry, passes each year almost unknown to society at large. Even within the construction industry as a whole most attention is paid to injuries that happen elsewhere. We often wonder why this is the case because crashes into workzones are something that can be dramatically reduced. This year however, the emergency of Covid-19 has made National Workzone Awareness Week illuminating.

Because we are all forced to take a step back from many construction projects this year Safe Barriers would like to share the opportunity and insight that has emerged. Around the world departments of transportation and road authorities have realized that less traffic on the road not only means more projects can be completed but also that the danger of crashes into workzones is dramatically diminished. This crisis provides a unique occasion to keep your workers safe as well as increase project efficiency. Should more of us be taking advantage of this win-win scenario? Just as important, how can we get these same results without a crisis as the cause?

The opportunity we would like to address is how to maintain that increased safety once our countries fully go back to business. As a manufacturer of temporary steel barriers our answer is clearly to use positive protection when appropriate. Cones and Barrels are essential for redirecting traffic and providing warnings yet are poor for securing safety. Safe Barriers has experts who can evaluate your project to determine how to maximize worker protection and whether steel barriers are the right choice.

Crises are always a good time to assess, adjust, and emerge stronger. Join us in recognizing that this year National Workzone Awareness Week is showing us the potential of reaching zero workzone deaths.

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