The Benefits of Defender FS vs Plastic Water Filled Barriers

Defender Barrier FS is a free-standing, ballasted temporary steel road barrier that provides an effective solution for vehicle and pedestrian traffic control.  It is easy to install and does not require any water, making it ideal for use in construction zones, public events, and other temporary traffic control situations. Defender Barrier FS is made from galvanized steel and is designed for repeated deployments over its 20+ year useful life.  It’s 3.9m length makes deployment and removal easier in tight road construction sites.  Defender Barrier FS is an innovative solution that helps to improve the safety of both motorists and construction crews.

Defender Barrier FS is a ballasted road barrier that does not require any water or anchors to deploy.  This means that it can be deployed more quickly, without waiting for a water truck to arrive.

Defender Barrier FS forms a barrier immediately upon deployment.  Typical water-filled barriers require the user to wait for the water to fill the barrier before it becomes effective.  This delay can be costly, a 200 meter deployment of water filled barriers will take up to 10 hours to fill with water properly.

Defender Barrier FS is a Lower deflection barrier and has a useful life 4 times longer than the current plastic water-filled barriers.  Defender Barrier FS has a variety of uses such as pedestrian walkways, urban construction, arterial road construction, highway construction, event crowd control, and many more.  They are easy to install, do not require special tools or training.

Defender Barrier FS should be deployed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Some states or localities may have additional requirements. Defender Barrier FS has been tested in accordance with MASH Test Level 2 & 3 (TL-2 & TL-3).

Defender Barrier is a better performing, lower life cycle cost barrier compared to water filled barriers.  It is also more environmentally friendly, making it the ideal solution for road construction crews and contractors. The product is easy to use and deploy and remove quickly, making it a great option for short-term or long-term projects.  There are no safety concerns with using this product, as it is better performing than traditional water-filled road barriers.

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