Defender Barrier Testing with RoadLoc

Roadloc M24 Installed

Safe Barriers has recently completed a series of full scale MASH16 TL-3 crash tests using the RoadLoc removable anchor.  In this crash testing program our objective was to achieve lower deflections for our Anchored Temporary Steel Defender Barrier 100LDS, and continue to validate our RoadLoc anchor in dynamic crash testing.

Using varying anchor spacing, and the RoadLoc M24-330 or RoadLoc M24-450 anchors, deflection for the Defender Barrier is reduced to as low as 5″ (127mm) while being fully compliant with MASH16 test requirements.

Defender Barrier can achieve these low deflections without having to bolt the connection between barriers or add cumbersome additional barrier sections to the top of the barrier.


Please contact the team at Safe Barriers for more information on the improved performance of Defender Barrier LDS using the RoadLoc anchor.