Defender Barrier MnDOT Approved


The Defender Barrier Temporary Steel Barrier range has received Minnesota DOT (MnDOT) approval for use on Minnesota roads.

MnDOT has approved the Defender Barrier 70, Defender Barrier 100LDS and Defender Barrier 100HC.

The Defender Barrier 70 is a Free Standing MASH TL-2 (45mph) workzone barrier.  The Defender Barrier 100LDS is a MASH TL-3, 100kph (62.5mph) low deflection work zone barrier.  The Defender Barrier 100HC is a MASH TL-4, 10,000kg truck tested 100kph (62.5mph) work zone barrier.

Defender Barrier has been designed and tested to be used in place of plastic water filled barriers, concrete barriers and the 12-15 metre (40-50 ft) steel barriers.

One barrier system gives the contractor MASH16 TL-2, TL-3 and TL-4 protection.

MnDOT approved products list.

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