Defender Barrier FHWA Eligible

Defender Barrier FHWA Eligible

The full suite of Defender Barrier temporary steel barriers is now eligible for FHWA funding.

Defender Barrier have been designed and tested to be used in place of plastic water filled barriers, concrete barriers and the 12-15 metre (40-50 ft) steel barriers.

One barrier system gives the contractor MASH 16 TL-2, TL-3 and TL-4 protection.

The is the first barrier system to made available that is compliant with the very latest FHWA and AASHTO standards, and includes testing of transitions between the crash cushion and the barrier system.

Owners of Defender Barrier are offering workers and drivers the very highest standards in safety. Design of barrier layout for roadworks can be made with the certainty of known MASH16 test results.

The first of its kind on the market in the USA is the Defender 100FS. A free standing ‘removable ballast barrier’ tested to MASH TL-3 with full transition tests. This is a first in the temporary steel barrier market and offers another solution to providing safety on a work site.

Defender Barrier is a unique steel temporary barrier system. When the ballast boxes are installed the system is free standing for use in 70 kph (45mph) zones as Defender 70 and 100kph (62mph) as Defender 100FS. Without the ballast the system is installed when unballasted and pinned the system becomes Defender 100LDS, low deflection system or the Defender 100HC, TL-4 high containment system.


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