Why Defender Barrier

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Why Choose Defender Barrier?  An Innovative Approach to Temporary Steel Barriers At the heart of Defender Barrier’s conception was a commitment to deliver unparalleled value and versatility to our contractor and rental company partners.  Understanding the evolving needs of infrastructure projects, we’ve developed a temporary barrier solution that not only meets today’s demands but anticipates […]

Defender Barrier Testing with RoadLoc

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Safe Barriers has recently completed a series of full scale MASH16 TL-3 crash tests using the RoadLoc removable anchor.  In this crash testing program our objective was to achieve lower deflections for our Anchored Temporary Steel Defender Barrier 100LDS, and continue to validate our RoadLoc anchor in dynamic crash testing. Using varying anchor spacing, and […]

Safe Barriers – RSG International Partnership

Safe Barriers Announces Partnership with RSG International Safe Barriers is pleased to announce a new partnership with RSG International—a leading road safety company in North America. Through this partnership, RSG will now provide both sales and rental services across Canada for our Defender Barrier product line.  This exciting collaboration allows us to expand our reach […]

The Benefits of Defender FS vs Plastic Water Filled Barriers

Defender Barrier FS is a free-standing, ballasted temporary steel road barrier that provides an effective solution for vehicle and pedestrian traffic control.  It is easy to install and does not require any water, making it ideal for use in construction zones, public events, and other temporary traffic control situations. Defender Barrier FS is made from […]

The Benefits of Safe Screen Anti Debris Screen

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Road construction projects require temporary barriers to ensure the safety of both workers and drivers.  But what is the best way to protect against debris that can be created during the construction process that moves from the workzone into traffic or traffic into the workzone? The answer is Safe Screen ADS (Anti Debris Screen), a […]

Positive Protection in Work Zones

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Providing Positive Protection on a road construction site is a key tool to improve safety for both construction workers and the motoring public. What is Positive Protection? Positive Protection encompasses various types of highway barriers aimed at preventing traffic accidents in work zones by physically separating the motorist from the construction worker. These barriers include […]

Temporary Barriers – Test Track to Work Site

Safe Barriers Dairy Flat Highway

Road Construction sites are dangerous for both construction workers and motorists.  Changed traffic conditions, a multitude of warning signs, narrower lanes and varied speed zones increase the chance of driver error.  The increased chance of driver error means that the work zone is a dangerous place for road workers and motorists, requiring a layer of […]

Free Standing Defender Barrier versus Water Filled Barriers

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Across Australia & New Zealand on urban and arterial road works sites, the most common barrier in use is a plastic water filled barrier. When these barriers were introduced circa 1995, they were a great solution, greatly improving road construction safety at the time. However, time moves on and innovation around barriers to suit these road […]

Document Upload

Document Upload

Safe Barriers has added the capability to upload project documents directly to Safe Barriers through our website. On our “contact” page you can add files that will be forwarded directly to our team for review and advice on use of our products on your construction project. Visit our Contact Page and upload your drawings and […]