The Benefits of Safe Screen Anti Debris Screen

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Road construction projects require temporary barriers to ensure the safety of both workers and drivers.  But what is the best way to protect against debris that can be created during the construction process that moves from the workzone into traffic or traffic into the workzone? The answer is Safe Screen ADS (Anti Debris Screen), a crash tested anti-debris screen designed for use with a variety of temporary road barriers.  Let’s take a look at how installing Safe Screen on your temporary barriers provides improved safety on your site.

Crash Tested Solution:

Safe Screen ADS has been crash tested by independent testing laboratories in accordance with MASH TL-3 standards, and VicRoads RDN 06-12A.  This means that it meets safety requirements for installations in work zones, ensuring maximum protection against debris entering or exiting your workzone.

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MASH TL-3 Crash Test

Easy to Install and Remove:

Installing Safe Screen ADS on your temporary barriers requires no special tools or equipment. The posts and panels are easy to assemble and can be quickly set up using basic hand tools. When the project is completed, they can be taken down just as easily—in minutes rather than hours—with no need for any specialized labor or equipment.

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Cost Effective Solution:

The cost of installing and owning Safe Screen ADS is lower than other solutions such as mono-pan, holy-pan or shade cloth solutions.  Safe Screen ADS is a galvanized and powder coated screen that is designed for a long asset life.

When it comes to protecting workers and drivers in road construction projects, nothing beats the safety benefits offered by Safe Screen’s fully crash tested solution for all types of temporary barriers.  Not only does it provide superior protection against debris, but its cost effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for projects and asset managers where maintaining road safety is a priority.  With its easy installation and removal process, you can rest assured that your workers will remain safe while your project remains on schedule—and within budget.