The Benefits of Installing Anti Debris Screens on Temporary Barriers

Road engineers and contractors are always looking for ways to improve safety and efficiency on construction projects. One way to do this is by installing anti debris screens (ADS) on temporary barriers. Here are some of the benefits of using ADS:

Anti Debris Screens On Temprary Barriers

What’s the problem?

Road construction safety is a priority for both motorist and workers alike. Unfortunately, debris entering or exiting road construction sites can lead to hazardous working conditions for the people responsible for building our roads and the passing motorists. The safety of the road construction workers and passing motorists is paramount, debris can contribute to dangerous working conditions and driving conditions that can be avoided. It is important that local governments maintain strict safety protocols in order to protect our road construction workers and motorists as they use these roads every day during the construction of new infrastructure.

How do Anti Debris Screens help?

Installing anti debris screens (ADS) on temporary barriers is a simple but highly effective measure to reduce large debris from entering or leaving a workzone. This improves safety conditions by reducing the risk of injury due to flying objects, such as truck tire re-treads. It is an inexpensive solution that can easily be incorporated into most traffic control plans where debris protection is needed by simply fastening a suitable Anti Debris Screen (ADS) onto temporary barriers. Anti Debris Screens will reduce the amount of small and large debris entering or exiting the workzone, this increases the safety of both the construction worker and the motorist.

What are the key features when evaluating an Anti Debris Screen?

When it comes to selecting the right type of screen for your needs, crash testing is one of the most important factors to consider; crash testing ensures that no change in performance or safety capacity of the temporary barrier has occurred with the addition of an Anti Debris Screen. ADS should also have testing for debris impacts, this can be achieved through dynamic testing or pendulum testing to ensure that the ADS actually prevents debris from going through the screen. Additional features to be aware of are visibility for both construction workers and motorists, can the construction worker see whats coming? Can the motorist ‘gawk’ too much into the workzone? Material of construction? Are there any environmental issues with the screen degrading from UV during use?


When used on road construction projects, crash tested and pendulum debris tested screens are essential for providing maximum safety. These screens offer contractors proven performance to increase safety on the site. By relying on these crash tested and pendulum tested debris screens, contractors can enjoy the peace of mind that their sites have the highest level of protection from debris entering or exiting their workzones. Crash tested and pendulum tested Anti Debris Screens help to prevent injuries.

The benefits of using Anti Debris Screens make them well worth the effort. If you would like more information about Anti Debris Screens, please contact Safe Barriers today.

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