Load Rated Barrier Lifting Points


Safe Barriers Defender Barrier offers our contractor customers a National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) certified Load Rated Barrier Lifting Point on every Defender Barrier. Every lifting point (2 per barrier) is load tested and NATA laboratory certified to a minimum Peak Load force of 81kN, that results in a maximum lifting point hole […]

Defender Barrier 70 Main Roads WA Accepted

Transition Test video cover

Safe Barriers Defender 70, MASH TL-2 Free Standing Temporary Steel Barrier has been accepted for use in Western Australia by Main Roads WA. The Defender 70 offers contractors a temporary barrier solution that is fully crash tested to the latest standards, including transition testing. The Defender 70 is an alternative temporary barrier with superior deflection […]

Defender Barrier ALDOT Approved


The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has added Defender Barrier to their Approved Roadside Safety Devices list. As a result both the Defender Barrier 100LDS and Defender Barrier 100HC can now be used on Alabama roadways.  Thereby providing worker protection to MASH TL-3 and MASH TL-4 specifications. Because of Defender’s one-shell, multi-configuration platform our customers gain tremendous deployment […]