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Temporary Crash Barriers

Up to 70km/h

The Defender 70 temporary road barrier has been tested to MASH TL-2 for use in work zones up to 70KM/H. The Defender 70 is the first MASH tested barrier to conduct the required length of need tests, the required transition test and the optional transition test.


Using unique ballast compartments the Defender 70 requires no anchors to the road surface.


The Defender 70 temporary road barrier protects workers from vehicles up to 70km/h. 

Easy to install

Using a unique male & female jointing system, the Defender 70 is easily installed and positioned.

Defender 70 Features & Benefits

  • MASH Test Level 2
    • Barrier Test 2-10 – 1,100kg Sedan, 70kph @ 25o
    • Barrier Test 2-11 – 2,270kg Pick-Up, 70kph @ 25o
    • Transition Test 2-20 – 1,100kg Sedan, 70kph @ 25o
    • Transition Test 2-21 – 2,270kg Pick-Up, 70kph @ 25o
  • Free Standing
  • Crash cushion is free standing
  • Free Standing crash cushion requires the additional transition test 2-20 to ensure that barrier transition is not too stiff for the smaller car occupant
  • Barriers are shorter and much more manoeuvreable on site.
  • NO water required
  • Significantly lower deflection than Plastic Water Filled
  • 20 year life Cycle

Defender 70 has been submitted for acceptance

Defender 70

Temporary Barrier System fast facts
Length (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Ballast (kg)
Rated (km/h)
Deflection (mm)

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